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Today, as it was last year, is bittersweet, I was deep in the midst of mourning as I was about to also prepare myself to perform. Oddly, I am doing that again today I am not sure if you truly understand how blessed I felt having you there to comfort me through what I felt was the breaking of the core of my family. My heart was so heavy and you were right there with me. You didn’t push, didn’t expect too much, you just let me go through my emotions as they came in waves…honestly that was just what I needed. In a moment like that, you were perfect to me! I am thankful for your friendship, for your support, I am just thankful for YOU! It has been a year already since my grandmother passed away and although it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did that day in Atlanta, it feels just as good to B. able to call you one of my BEST FRIENDS! Thank you Mrs. Dana for everything that you do behind the scenes & the Flip camera!  …. I love you for being in my corner & for being a wonderful, caring friend! xoxo ~B. #TeamLMSGroup #TeamBDeVINE #TeamSkyline

There aren’t enough words to capture the gratitude I feel for this woman’s place in my life, but I will sum it up as best as I can… @MRSDANA ~> I #SALUTE You! You made a choice one day to step out on faith alongside me & I will never forget that! Thank you for your patience, hardwork, & sacrifice… HAPPY BOSS’ DAY! xoxo ~B. #TeamLMSGroup #Teamwork #Friendager #ShesTheBoss

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